Quick & simple, but with huge variations and variety

Welcome to Lapland Letterbox, the original and best “letter from Santa” website.

Use our simple form to create a highly personalised letter in just a few minutes. Choose from over 15,000 possible letter combinations (which sounds like a lot but is actually very simple). We are the only website offering this level of personalisation and detail which really brings the content of the letter alive.

Create a letter from Santa Claus

Family / Bulk discounts automatically applied

If you need to purchase Santa Letters for more than one child, our system will automatically discount your order for the second, third, and subsequent letters that you purchase in one order.

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Check our Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to make our whole creation and ordering process as simple as possible, but if you have any questions we have tried to answer them all on our website. See the most common questions below, or view the full list of questions.


Lapland Letterbox - Keeping the Magic of Christmas alive with personalised letters from Santa


Why we’re the best Santa letters site:

More choice than any other 'letter from Santa' site
While keeping our letter creation form simple to complete, Lapland Letterbox has more options than ANY other Santa Letters website. We stopped counting the variations after we got to 15,000! This doesnt mean you have to choose 15,000 items, but these are the unique letter variations possible from the choices that we provide.
Create a letter in 5 minutes or less
Once you’ve added the recipients information to the Santa Letter form in stages 1 and 2, the rest of the steps are simply choosing from content options which are personalised with the information you have supplied. Including entering this information, making the choices for content options, and then paying for your letters can all be achieved in around 5 minutes.
Family Discount prices automatically built-in
We appreciate that many of our customers have large families or social circles. That’s why we’ve automatically built in a pricing model that adjusts according to how many items you buy. The more letters you purchase the larger family discount is added.
Traditional, Funny, Religious or even Adult themed letters
Given the numerous options that we provide for the letter content, we have created options for you to build a letter that follows a theme. Choose from traditional, funny, religious or adult (not rude!) content, or mix-and-match your styles – it’s up to you!
Over 40,000 letters and 12 years trading
We are now in our 12th year of operating our Letters from Santa website, and have had more than 40,000 letters created with us so far. Our website and business has gone through many improvements and redesigns and we are confident that we understand how to create and deliver high quality letters from Santa Claus.


What our happy customers say:

Dear Santa,

I would just like to say how pleased I was to receive the card I ordered from your website. I was amazed how delighted my five year old was over something as simple a letter from Father Christmas. I will certainly be recommending your website to all my Friends.

Helen, Stockport (England)
Hi Santa, I would like to thank you and your elves for the quick delivery of my order. I have used other sites before and I must say yours was the quickest and easiest to use. I only placed my order at the last minute and was worried it wouldn’t arrive in time. Thankfully it arrived two days before Christmas. My daughter was delighted with the letter and door hanger.
Rob, Exeter (England)
Santa, I thought I would drop you a note to thank you for the card and letter. I maybe a little old to still believe in Father Christmas, but  it was still delightful to receive a personalised letter and card from Santa. I suspect my girlfriend may have had something to do with the order, but it made my Christmas.
Alistair B, Essex(England)
Dear Santa and the team,

I have been using your site for many years to send personalised Santa letters to my children and nephews and I would just like to say how wonderful I find your service. I love the new website too!

Angie, Dudley (England)
Dear Santa,

Thank you for your letter and card which arrived today. I have no idea how you know what I want for Christmas? I will make sure I leave out some mice pies for you on Christmas Eve. Please don’t forget about me.

Chloe, Aged 6 (England)
I’ve used this website for a number of years as my children have grown up.  My children cherish receiving their letter from Santa each year. A very good website, well worth the money.
Mrs Austin, Essex, England
Great site, the most personal one I have found and checked-out quite a few. It was very simple to create the letters and pay for them.
Lucy Brown
A really fun website with very simple instructions. I will recommend this site to my friends
A Higgs, UK
Great site! Very flexible and user friendly. I’ve ordered letters for all the kids in my family
Helen Cain, Liverpool, UK
The whole process was simple to use and fun too! I just cant wait until my children receive their letters. Well done Lapland Letterbox
Mrs L Lynch, Birmingham, UK
Very pleased to discover a site like this to enjoy full the magic of Christmas.

My kids were at that age when they are starting not to believe in Santa Claus, and your letters helped to keep the magic alive at least for another year.

Mrs D Collins, New York