Lapland Letterbox in a unique website where you can create a personalised letter from Santa to your child.

Now in its 12th successful year, we are continuing to offer the same great value personalised cards but each year take on-board the many customer comments that are kindly sent to us. If you have something you’d like to tell us please take a moment to complete our Contact Form.

There are many other “Santa Letter” websites around, but we are confident that ours is the best, both in terms of value for money and quality of service and product.

Our aim at Lapland Letterbox is to keep the magic of Christmas alive. We hope that you enjoy our website and that we can be of service to you – Merry Christmas to everyone!


Why did we make this website?

Twelve years ago one of the founder Lapland Letterbox team members filled out a form for his child to receive a letter from Santa Claus. Eventually a letter arrived from Santa but the quality and value for money was far from what was expected. The child was young enough to be impressed with the surprise of a letter from Santa, but a thought had then started – “Surely I could do this better?“, and Lapland Letterbox was born!

In our research we looked at what other letter vendors were offering, and found most of them to be fairly “static” and dull. We decided that there was nothing on the market that offered the level of customisation and personalisation that we had in mind, and began working out the various options we have available. Now, 12 years on, there are over 15,000 different combinations available with our letter without adding any personal child information, and we have sold over 40,000 letters from santa to children and adults throughout the World.