I just wanted to write and tell you about a trend that I am seeing, and it’s a funny one too.

Fans of this website will know that we have been trading since 2001 and have had over 40,000 letters created.

This year so far, and also last year to a certain degree, I have been creating lots more letters from Santa for adults!

We’ve added content to our letter building system that is adult oriented. I don’t mean “rude”, just using more adult language.

I’m really pleased to see this as a trend. Receiving a letter from Santa in the post is a wonderful surprise even if you are an adult! And adults that create one of these letters are free to customise the content of the letter however much they wish and with whatever type of language they wish!

So… If you know an adult that you think deserves a letter from Santa Claus please feel free to use the coupon code “AdultsLoveSantaToo” and the first 10 people who do will get a 25% discount on their order.

Ho Ho Ho,